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Wishlist is an experimental feature of CIMTH. Borrowing from the simplicity of Craigslist and Freecycle, we will enable the posting of requests and offers from the community. This list will be moderated — we ask that your articulate your request in short form and post a link to more details if you have them. Just post a comment on this page in the following format:

Example format:

  • SEEKING: Faculty/student member with expertise in developing sensor for physical activity tracking. Please email for more details or see this page.
  • SEEKING: Looking to test prototype X with 20 adults ages 25-35 who have ADHD.
  • OFFER: Sensor pack brand X from lab Y to give away or share
  • OFFER: Programming expertise for Kinect 5-10 hours per week for free

Appropriate requests/offers could be for:

  • specific expertise
  • short-term gig for student
  • equipment and lab space
  • datasets
  • human participants and cohort access

Announcements such as job openings, general resources (funding, calls for papers) and events that would be of benefit to the entire CIMTH community should be sent to for posting to our website, mailing list and social media feeds.

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  1. marientina #

    SEEKING: CIMTH is looking for a bushel of smiles. If you have one, let me know.

    January 15, 2013
    • Carolee Winstein #

      I have more than a bushel of smiles–how about 10 bushels? Just think of all the energy you can save with smiles vs frowns.

      June 6, 2013
  2. yasamanhashemian #

    SEEKING: Looking to test my thesis project “Adventurous Dreaming Highflying Dragon” with children ages 6-8. Having ADHD is a plus. Please email for more information and set up a schedule.

    February 25, 2013

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